Underarm Skin Razor Bumps and Irritation Treatment

Using razor on the underarms to shave out the hair is often associated with formation of red and inflamed bumps under the skin. These bumps are often unsightly in appearance and are often associated with irritation and inflammation which can result in a sensation of itching.

Razor Bumps Underarms

Bumps left behind after a fresh shave of the underarm skin are not only uncomfortable but also associated with irritation and can lead to secondary infection of the skin.

Simple precautionary practices can help in preventing the occurrence of these bumps. There are some simple tips,

  • Ensure that the skin is adequately lubricated prior to shaving the skin. Shaving underarms when the skin is dry can result in chafing of the skin and one of the primary reasons for bumps and skin irritation.
  • Wet your skin and apply soap preferably an anti microbial soap. this will soften the skin, open up the pores and prevent bumps.
  • Avoid rushing through the process of shaving the skin of the underarms. Rushing the process can result in increased risk of irritation and damage to the skin.
  • In case of using disposable razor blades use electric razor.
    Electric razors cause less stress to the skin and don’t cut the hair too close to the skin tissue

Bumps Underarms

It is always recommended to use shaving cream or lotion prior to shaving. Use creams that contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E as they help in protecting the skin from damage and also have a soothing effect on the skin. Ensure that you rinse your underarm thoroughly after the process is over.

In individuals with highly sensitive skin it is recommended to use depilatory creams that help in dissolution and dilution of the hair without having to shave them. However, in some individuals who are sensitive to the creams or the chemical contained in the creams, the use of these depilatory creams is not recommended.

Razor Bumps Underarm Treatment

Here are some simple tips to prevent the occurrence of razor bumps in the underarms,

  • Exfoliate the skin under the underarms. Exfoliation will help get rid of dead skin which reduces the irritation. Gently scrub the underarm skin with a exfoliating cream prior to shaving
  • Apply shaving cream on the underarm before shaving. Shaving cream contains gels and moisturizers that can help prevent skin irritation
  • Always shave in the direction of hair growth. Avoid shaving in opposite direction. This may result in a too close shave which increases the risk of developing red bumps and also increases the risk of ingrown hair
  • Ensure that you dry your underarms after the shaving process. Keeping your underarms moist can increase the risk of developing fungal infection, which may further aggravate the condition.

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