What are the Causes of White Blotches on Skin and Is Treatment

The color of skin is a socially sensitive issue. White blotches on skin are pigmentary disorder that is considered to be a stigma by many societies. White blotches occur due to loss of color giving pigments in the skin called melanin. Melanin is the pigment that is largely responsible for skin color.

White blotches on skin is normally seen in brown skinned people, many people are worried about the diagnosis, hence smear or biopsy may be needed to ascertain what type of white blotch it is . White blotch on skin is equally common in both the gender. It can affect any race.

There are many types of White Splotches (Blotches) on Skin.

  • Vitiligo: it is popularly known as leucoderma or white spots. It is an autoimmune disease where white spots appear on the skin as a result of depigmentation. Though leucoderma and vitiligo are synonymous, leucoderma is white blotch on the skin following an injury, such as a burn or contact with plastic or rubber footwear.
    It does not progress after the cause is removed.

Vitiligo patch begins as a localized white spot. The hair within the splotch may turn white.

The cause of vitiligo is not fully understood. Autoimmunity is considered to be the cause of vitiligo. To some extent, people believe heredity as one of the cause of vitiligo.

  • Pityriasis Alba: It is a chronic skin disorder. It is common amongst children. The white blotches are ill defined, rounded, having scanty scales on the child’s face. It looks similar to vitiligo and can be easily mistaken. The problem is self limiting and it can is better after applying moisturizers.

Cause: there is no specific cause detected for pitiriasis Alba. But melanocytes work below its normal to produce melanin the color giving pigment to the skin. Heat, stress and atmospheric changes can act as triggering factor.

  • Leprosy: white blotches on skin can occur in all types of leprosy. There is reduce or loss of sensation in the blotches. A person may not recognize a pin prick in that area. the nerves in that region may be thickened.

Cause: it is caused due to leprosy germs.

  • Tinea versicolor: it causes white blotches but it is not a pigmentary disorder. It is a fungal disease. When exposed to sun there is no burning sensation.

White Blotches on Skin Treatment

According to health care professionals there is no medical treatment for white blotches on skin (vitiligo). However they use PUVA therapy.

However certain home remedies are said to be effective to some extent.

  • Drink water stored overnight in a copper bowl.
  • Crush pomegranate leaves in fine powder. Add one teaspoon of this powder to a glass of water and drink it regularly in the morning in case of vitiligo.
  • Drink a glass of buttermilk daily to restore white blotches to its original color.
  • Figs and walnuts are also beneficial in treating white blotches on skin.
  • Ginger juice or juice of garlic can be applied on the white blotches. Remember the juice contains strong chemicals and it can react with your delicate skin.
  • Besides this eat a healthy diet to treat white blotches.
  • For tinea versicolor, tea tree oil is also a effective treatment.

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