Exercise For Wrinkles In Neck Area: Home Remedies To Treat Wrinkles

Aging is a natural process and skin wrinkles are first to appear as you age. However, many people may not like wrinkles to be a tell tale sign of their age. They try all methods and means to hide wrinkles. Wrinkles first appear on face, neck and hands. All of them are most exposed parts of the body.

Neck wrinkles are as annoying as wrinkles on face, but unfortunately we all have to pass through this phase as we age.

As we grow old, the skin looses it elasticity and become thin. This makes the skin to sag and crease. The skin around the neck is already thin and it has few sebaceous glands. Besides, there is too little fat under the skin surface of the neck to support the skin. These factors make skin around the neck vulnerable to wrinkle rapidly in the same way as it happens around the eyes.

What Are The Causes Of Neck Wrinkles?

Sometimes wrinkles appear prematurely due to factors such as poor skin care, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays of sun, bad diet and living unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, environmental pollution, frequent weight gain and weight loss, sleeping position etc.

To some extent, hereditary factor is also involved. Children born to parent who had wrinkles early in their life may also have the same.

Wrinkles in neck area first appear as horizontal lines. These lines are called venus’s rings. They become more noticeable with the amount of time you flex your neck. Vertical lines that appear on the neck are also a form of wrinkles, they usually appear as a result of damage to the skin due to sunlight, or due to sleeping position. With growing age, the estrogen activity reduces. The collagen and elastin, the two important elements to keep the skin elastic tend to diminish. This makes the neck skin susceptible to rapid wrinkling with age.

Home Remedies To Reduce Wrinkles In Neck

You do not need the wear turtleneck or scarves all through the year to hide wrinkles in neck.  There are several ways to remove wrinkles in the neck area. They may include medical and surgical methods. You have to consult a dermatologist before following any of these methods. Having said that, person should understand that wrinkles cannot go permanently. These methods have to be followed time and again as and when the wrinkles appear in neck. Besides, these methods may not be completely free from side effects. They are expensive too.

On a better note, there are home remedies that can also remove wrinkles from the neck.

  • The juicy pulp of sugarcane plant is considered to be a natural alpha hydroxyl acid. Sugarcane is the main source of glycolic acid. It is a good ingredient to battle for signs of skin aging. Apply the juice mixed with pinch of turmeric on the neck. Keep it for 20 to 30 minutes until the mixture dries. Wash your neck with water. Apply it twice in a week when you feel the first sign of wrinkle on neck.
  • To discourage wrinkle formation on neck, you can apply pulp of ripe papaya or even pulp of pineapple.
  • Keep your neck area clean in the same way as you keep your face neat and clean.
  • Moisturize the neck skin and massage the neck area to keep the wrinkles away.
  • Always use sunscreen on your neck 30 minutes before you go out in the sun.

Exercise For Wrinkles In Neck Area

Aside from home remedies and other techniques, wrinkles in the neck can be reduced with exercises.

Exercise 1: Sit on the ground in a comfortable position. Keep your back and stature straight. Now look at the ceiling by tilting your head at the backside. In this position it appears as if you are looking at the ceiling. Remain in this position for 10 to 20 seconds. Now come back to the original position. Follow this exercise regularly to reduce and remove neck wrinkles.

Exercise 2: This is the simplest exercise. All you have to do is sit in one place. Tilt your head at the back and look at the ceiling. Now try to pretend as if you are chewing something. Follow this exercise for 2 minutes as many times in a day as you can.

Exercise3: In this exercise you need to keep your head straight. Sit on a chair and try to touch your lower lips to the tip of your nose.

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