Benefits of Celery Juice for Weight Loss and Skin Care

Celery is an awesome plant having crunchy texture, tangy taste with a distinct aroma. It has become a popular ingredient of salad dishes together with tomatoes, carrots, potato and onions. Celery plant grows throughout the year, but it is at its best in summers.  Celery can be consumed as a whole or as celery juice.

Celery juice is easier to digest.

Celery juice is loaded with minerals and vitamins, the leaves of celery plant are rich source of vitamin A, while celery stem is complete with vitamin B and vitamin C. The folic acid present in celery juice is beneficial to pregnant woman and the developing fetus inside her womb. Besides, celery juice is rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and iron. The distinct aroma is due to essential oils present in celery, it helps to cool down your temper. Since ages celery is used for seasoning and for medicinal purposes. Our ancestors knew how important celery is to our health.

Some Health Benefits of Celery Juice

The best health benefits of celery juice can be obtained from organically grown celery plant. Celery juice benefits the whole body, let us begin from the top, and that is your brain and head.

Insomnia: celery juice contains essential oils, magnesium and plant hormones. All three help to calm your nerves and induce sleep. If you are stressed and find difficulty to sleep soundly, drink celery juice either in the morning or one hour before resting to get the desired result.

Cholesterol Lowering Natural Juice: researchers have found a chemical butyl phthalide in celery. It brings down the level of cholesterol in the blood, especially LDL (bad cholesterol). Besides, drinking celery juice enhances secretion of bile which helps to eliminate cholesterol from your body.

Celery promotes heart health as well as keeps your blood pressure under control. Drinking celery juice is beneficial for a person having high blood pressure. It helps to keep it under control. If there is sudden rise of blood pressure, drink it daily for a week and your pressure will reduce. Pthalides a compound found in celery and its juice keeps the arteries well dilated. It promotes smooth flow of blood through the arteries. Pthalides also reduces level of stress hormones, a factor responsible for high blood pressure.

Celery Juice for Weight Loss: celery juice is very low in calories and fats. In fact celery does not contain any fats. Besides, drinking celery juice daily at least twice in a day helps to lose weight. Celery contains large amount of water and the juice prepared from celery is highly rehydrating. Drinking a glass of celery juice fills your stomach and keeps you satiated for long interval. The vitamins present in celery aid in metabolic process and burn those extra calories you have stored in the form of fats. Drinking celery juice helps to curb the craving for sweets.  It is a good alternative to diet pill.

Celery Juice for Skin Cure and Care

Celery juice contains vitamin C, A, potassium. It is a hydrating food due to good amount of water in it. Vitamin C and A present in celery juice are beneficial in curing minor cuts and wounds over your skin. Besides they also help in curing atopic dermatitis, eczema etc. Celery juice helps to keep your skin well hydrated and prevents premature wrinkles and creases. Especially drinking celery juice during dry weather is beneficial for your skin.

Acetylenic found in celery is known to prevent the multiplication of tumor cells. Another compound phonolic acid found in celery juice helps curb prostaglandins that help the cancer cells to grow. Drinking celery juice also helps to fight against free radicals that harm our body.

The sodium and potassium present in celery juice helps to regulate the fluids. The juice acts as a diuretic. Some people find difficult to drink celery juice alone due to its strong taste, therefore it can be consumed with carrot juice or beet root juice. Both will be an added advantage to your health.

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