How To Take Psyllium Husk For Weight Loss: What Are Its Benefits?

Once you are determined to shed extra weight, the first thing that you begin with is to search for the ways that help in achieving your goal. There are many weight reducing commercial products available in market, that claim to reduce your weight, but they all come with an expensive tag.

Also there may or may not be a surety of their efficacy.

Contrary to this, many herbalists recommend cheap and easily available fiber rich psyllium husk as weight reducing herbal product. According to an observation, researchers have found that people who eat high fiber diet or supplement like psyllium husk are leaner than their counterparts who eat less quantity of fiber foods or supplements.

Scientists have started taking keen interest to know the relation of high fiber containing foods and their beneficial effect in weight loss management. The inference they have come upon is; foods that contain good amount of fibers require more time to chew. This gives time for the brain to know when you are full and do not require more food.

In short it fulfills your hunger at correct time and thus you do not overeat. Secondly, you may not feel hungry soon after you eat high fiber containing food. It keeps you full for a longer time. This reduces your calorie intake. All these three factors help in reducing weight when followed regularly.

Psyllium Husk Benefits Weight Loss

Psyllium husk is primarily popular for its bulk forming property in the intestine. People use it as a safe laxative. Psyllium is grown in abundance in Asian countries especially in India. It is a tiny shrub called by the botanical name Plantago ovata. Each plant of the herb produces large number of seeds. These seeds are gel coated and sticky. The husk is derived from this seeds.

Psyllium husk is not digested in the intestine. As a result it becomes a good source of fiber. Most of the commercial available bulk forming laxative contain psyllium husk as the main ingredient. When it comes in contact with water it absorbs it and forms a gelatinous mass. This gelatinous material in the intestine helps in easing bowel movement.

After taking psyllium husk person does not have diarrhea, as most laxatives do. The stool is bulky and easily expelled without straining. After taking psyllium, your hunger reduces and you feel fuller for longer time. It prevents you from overeating, thus pysillium is helpful in reducing weight. Psyllium is known to reduce cholesterol level as well as controls the sugar level in diabetics. It reduces hunger pangs which are common in obese persons.

How To Take Psyllium Husk For Weight Loss?

The husk of psyllium is very light. It is white or with a slight yellow shade. The husk is available as a whole. It is also available in dried form which is finely chopped and powdered and packed in capsule. Many people take psyllium husk as a whole, while those who do not like to swallow the husk take in capsule form.

For weight loss, take 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk mixed in one glass of water half hour before your meals. Since psyllium husk is very light, it does not dissolve easily and takes time. You can use a shaker jar to mix it well in water.

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