How To Get Rid Of Sagging Belly Skin? Loose Skin After Weight Loss

After the birth of a baby or post considerable weight loss, your delight at getting your body back may be little tempered by sagging belly skin. Nonetheless, exercise, adopting certain lifestyle choices as well as medical interventions help fix even the most severely sagging skin.

  • You need to embark up on a daily exercise routine.
    Include – half an hour of aerobics i.e. walking or cycling every day; it enables you to burn calories as well as firm the skin gradually.
  • Crunches are ideal; perform them on an exercise ball to make the abdominal muscles taut. Air bike exercises are super exercises that build muscles in the abdomen and reduce the appearance of sagging skin successfully.
  • Have a healthy diet plan comprising of adequate proteins, healthy fats, loads of fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and nuts.
  • Ensure that you take in at least 8 – 10 glasses of water every day.
  • Experts have advocated an application of cream / lotion, comprising of vitamins A, E, and C. this will promote the production of new collagen and elastin, decrease wrinkles and correct the sag.
  • Abdominoplasty surgery may be something that could help you. Confer with your health care provider about its suitability. Abdominoplasty gets rid of excess skin and relocates the belly-button.

Home Remedies For Sagging Belly Skin

  • Do not opt for a crash diet that promises a weight reduction of more than 20 pounds rapidly. Slow down your weight loss regime, and allow your skin to adjust to the newer, smaller proportions.
  • Water is the most crucial home remedy to manage a sagging skin. Make sure that you are well hydrated. Water enhances your skin’s elasticity. Carry a bottle of water with you throughout the day to ensure that you get your daily dose. Up to 3 liters a day is advised.
  • Also, consume loads of fresh fruit juices, soups, and broths; these hydrate you and also make sure you don’t put on weight.
  • Along with aerobics, strength training will help you immensely. Use various methods of resistance, such as machines, tubing, body weight or free weights to strengthen your major muscle groups. Aerobic exercises burn fat whilst strength training generates a layer of muscle below the skin, making it tighter. Strength training thrice a week is recommended.

Most essentially, have patience. Your skin requires a longer period of time to adapt to major weight loss given the protracted process of skin regeneration.

How To Tighten Sagging Skin After Weight Loss?

There are several things that you can do to help tauten and tighten the loose skin on your belly after a major weight loss:

  • Lean protein is an important part of your daily diet. Protein is the chief building block of your body, and your body requires plenty of it restore and repair. Have lots of fish, cottage cheese and legumes.
  • Brush the skin on the belly daily. Use of a soft bristled brush or a loofah; brush vigorously, once or twice daily. This helps tighten loose skin by stimulating the cells of the skin and exfoliating dead ones, both these boost skin regeneration.
  • Consider surgical intervention in extreme cases. It is an invasive, expensive alternative; however, occasionally it is not possible to tighten the sagging skin when it has been stretched excessively.

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