Difference Between Open and Closed Pores on Breast with Its Treatment

Clogged Pores on Breast

Clogged pores which cause acne and blackhead are general complaints met by dermatologists and cosmetic experts when they are present on face. However clogged skin pores can be anywhere on the body, most often they are observed on face, back, arms and on the chest. Clogged pores on breasts are no option, and when present they are embarrassing especially for a woman who wears a low cut top or a swimsuit. Although clogged pores on breasts are not a serious health hazard, it can cause significant emotional disturbance for a woman. A woman with large size breast has a risk of clogged pores than her counterpart with smaller breasts. Clogged pores on breast results when there is excessive production of sebum or the oil on your skin. Excessive perspiration, accumulation of dead skin cells, dirt and grease, atmospheric pollution, and poor hygiene are all responsible for blocked pores on breasts. Sports bra and tight fitting clothes make it difficult for sweat to evaporate. As a result, moisture, dirt, oil and dead skin cells accumulate and clog breast pores. It becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria when pores are clogged, which ultimately results into acne and blackheads.

  • To prevent clogged pores on breast wear a Bra that allows the skin to breathe, and loose fitting cotton clothes in hot humid conditions.
  • Take shower as soon as you perspires profusely, such as after playing outdoor games, or after a gym session.
  • Use antibacterial soap when you take bath. To prevent moisture dry your skin properly.
  • Exfoliate your breast skin with a gentle scrub regularly to remove sebum, dirt and oil from the blocked pores. You can use facial toner for skin rejuvenation.
  • Apply tea tree oil or aloe vera gel if there is acne due to blocked pores on breast.

Open Pores on Breast

Open and large pores on breast are equally common as open pores on face. The only benefit is they are not exposed like facial pores. Open pores on breast as well as on face makes your skin rough and you look much older than you are. Oily skin, moisture, heredity, hormonal changes, waxing and cosmetic chemicals, excessive skin and sauna treatment all make your pores look more enlarged and open. Dirt, oil and pollution get easily clogged in open pores which eventually cause acne and blackheads if not taken care of.

Though there is no permanent cure for open pores, certain home remedies and treatment help to reduce the size of open pores.

  • The simplest way to reduce the size of open pores on breast is to rub ice on your breast for few minutes regularly.
  • Apply egg white on your breast once in a week. It helps to tighten the open pores on your breast.
  • To tone the breast skin and reduce the size of open pores on breast, the natural way is to apply a mixture of lime juice and honey on your breast. Let it remain for 15 minutes after which you can wash it with cool water.
  • Apply sandalwood powder paste. To prepare paste add one tablespoon of sandalwood powder to few teaspoon of cold water. Apply the paste immediately on your breast for optimum benefit.

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