How to Get Rid of Facial Hair on Girls and What are Its Causes?

Removal of facial hair in girls can be done using tweezers to puck stray hair or undergoing laser surgery. In addition to these more frequently known techniques, there are several other techniques which can help in facial hair removal. It is however crucial to understand that selection of the option would depend upon the severity of the problem of facial hair.

Facial Hair on Girls Causes

Though some amount of facial hair are present in all girls, excessive hair growth on the face in females is referred to as hirsutism. This is an embarrassing situation and is most often attributed to excessive production of male hormones. There are certain endocrinal disorders that are associated with this condition,

  • Polycystic Ovarian Disease: Also referred to as PCOS, this condition is associated with abnormally high levels of androgens produced by the ovaries. The symptoms of PCOS manifest after adolescence and include other symptoms like irregular periods, overweight, acne, etc.
  • Corticosteroid Medications: In certain autoimmune disorders, like asthma, corticosteroids are administered to control and suppress the exaggerated immune response. This external administration of corticosteroid is also associated with increased production of androgens which can manifest in the form of hirsutism
  • Congenital hyperplasia of the adrenal glands: A condition associated with genetic abnormality.
    This results in abnormally high levels of male sex hormones which in turn may manifest in the form of hirsutism
  • Adrenocortical Carcinoma: A rare cause of hirsutism, cancer of the adrenal glands can also result in abnormally high levels of male hormone and increase the growth of hair on the body and face

How to Get Rid of Facial Hair in Girls

Here are some simple tips to get rid of facial hair growth in girls,

  • Using tweezers pluck away the stray hairs on the face. This technique can be useful when the amount of hair growth on the face is less. You will need to pluck the hair again after a few days
  • Using electric hair trimmers can be beneficial when there are more facial hairs. Electric trimmers are easy to use and also help in removal of hair quickly and are often designed for facial hair. Repeat trimming may be required after a few days
  • Waxing is another technique that can be beneficial. Though waxing helps remove the hair from the root and the benefits last longer than trimming or plucking, often females may be allergic to the chemicals used to wax. Hence an allergy spot test is often recommended before you start using the product. Hair removal creams can also be used.
  • Laser hair removal technique is one of the latest technologies which terminate the growth of the hair. Though multiple treatments may be required, the benefits are long lasting. Always consult your dermatologist before using this technique.

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