How to Get Skinny Arms Without Building Muscle and Losing Extra Fat

Fat arms can affect a woman’s self confidence and keep her from wearing things she always wanted to wear. There are several ways of getting rid of excess of fat deposited in the arms. These include dietary and lifestyle tips that can help improve the distribution of fat across the body.

Though surgery is always an alternative, it is always recommended to try some conventional techniques before opting for surgical intervention.  Loosing fat around the arms take a lot of commitment on the part of the female, which is often very rewarding.

Tips to Get Skinny Arms without Building Muscle

Muscle build up is a common concern among women who want to lose fat anywhere. Hence exercise regimen needs to be associated with healthy dietary practices which can hasten the process of fat loss and provide skinny arms,

  • Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit the intake of animal foods including dairy products. Low fat dairy products are often recommended.
  • Herbs like cinnamon and bell pepper help in increase the metabolic rate and also prevent accumulation of excess of fats in the body.
  • Eliminate saturated fats and Transfats like potato chips, cheese, butter, hydrogenated oils, etc from your diet. Virgin olive oil, flax seed oil and sunflower oil are considered to be loaded with polyunsaturated fatty acids which not only help improve metabolism but also help in burn down of stored fats.
  • Focus on light muscle toning instead of heavy and rigid exercises. It is important to remember though that light muscle toning is going to make the arms look great and will not necessarily leave a woman looking like a body builder.

Exercise for Skinny Arms

It is critical to exercise to lose weight especially around the arms, but it is also very important to prevent muscle building, especially among women. Here are some simple tips that need to be followed during the exercise schedule to get skinny and attractive arms,

  • Weight training can be done at the gym with small 0.50 lbs weights or even lighter for beginners
  • Women who do not have the time to go to the gym can tone their arms with weight lifting sets of their own.
  • Resistance bands can help as well
  • It is also possible to do some improvisation and use water bottles for weight.
  • Get Some Cardio – Running is a good form of cardio and it is the best fat burning exercise that anyone can do. Individuals can start running in 2 minute bursts to start then slowly increase it as endurance sets in.
  • Do weights – Weight lifting will not necessarily target the fat of the arms, but it will tone the muscles of the arms and help gain muscle mass.
  • Reduce Calorie Intake – as activity is increased with exercise and weights, reducing dietary intake will increase fat loss.

Getting adequate amount of sleep is also vital to improve the body’s natural metabolic process. Adequate sleep increases the natural production of HGH, which in turn is considered to be beneficial in losing extra weight.

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