What are the Home Remedies and Causes of Recurrent Mastitis Infections

Mastitis is inflammation of the breast, there is tenderness, redness, heat and swelling of the breast. It is caused due to the infection, which when not treated early may result into an abscess. Mastitis usually occurs in a woman who is breast feeding. It becomes extremely difficult for a woman to feed her child when she is suffering from mastitis.

Recurrent mastitis infection is the problem faced by woman if she is not feeding her child regularly, or misses her feedings due to some reasons, skips pumping of the breast when she is not feeding her child or when she replaces breast feeding to bottle feeding. It also occurs when the mother’s immune system is weak, as a result of weakness and stress with malnourishment. Infection is another cause, especially bacterial infection which may have entered the breast through cuts and bruises on the breast and nipples. It then travels to the milk duct and cause inflammation and swelling. Recurrent mastitis can also occur when you had treated the previous episode inadequately. Anemia is also one of the reasons for recurrent mastitis.

Whatever may be the reason; if recurrent mastitis is not promptly treated it may cause irreparable damage to the breast tissue and can lead to disfigurement of the breast. It can also lead to chronic inflammation and abscess formation.

Recurrent Mastitis Treatment and Home Remedies

  • If you are facing the problem of recurrent mastitis, it is always good to feed your child and continue to do it even if you have to bear pain and discomfort. This is because there will not be any stasis of milk, and the bacteria will clear out of the milk ducts.
  • Physical rest is very important, to heal mastitis and the body in general. Get enough sleep.
  • Alternate warm and cold compression on the breast at least two to three times in a day. Cold compression relieves pain while warm circulation increases circulation.
  • Massage your breast in a gentle manner. It helps to increase the circulation and makes lose the engorged milk ducts. Do the massage when you are taking a warm water bath.
  • Frequently nurse the baby on the affected side of the breast.
  • Drink enough fluids as you may need to hydrate your body when you have fever as a symptom of mastitis.
  • Wear a loose fitting bra, or the best solution is do not wear bra for few days till the condition heals.
  • Fresh cabbage leaves is used as a cheap and natural method for mastitis. The leaves can be fitted inside the bra or can be laid down on the breast, when you are lying down and resting. Cabbage leaves is known to relieve and heal mastitis very effectively within 24 to 48 hours after it is applied regularly on the breast.
  • Do not sleep on your abdomen as it may compress your breast.

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