Ovarian Cyst Rupture Causes And Treatment: Symptoms Of Ovarian Cyst

A cyst anywhere in the body is a fluid filled sac. Ovarian cyst is development of cyst in the ovary. It is a round sac which may contain fluid or gelatinous material. Ovarian cyst in women is quiet common. Though relatively harmless and benign, a cyst in ovary can become a problem when it is enlarged or when it gets ruptured.

In fact a ruptured ovarian cyst is one of the grave complications of this disease. Generally many times, ovarian cyst remains undetected as it is small and symptomless. Occasionally the cyst is detected accidentally on sonogram, which is done for some other reason. A small cyst resolves on its own within few days or weeks.

An ovarian cyst may rupture in following circumstances.

  • The cyst can rupture without any cause.
  • The cyst can rupture due to a blow or trauma to the abdomen.
  • Performing heavy exercise.
  • Pressure from adjacent organs.
  • Pregnancy.

Symptoms Of Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Before knowing the symptoms of ruptured ovarian cyst, let us know the symptoms of ovarian cyst.

Ovarian cyst may be unilateral or bilateral.

Ovarian cyst can occur at any age. Following signs and symptoms are indicative of ovarian cyst.

  • Abdominal swelling if the cyst is large.
  • Large cyst may cause respiratory problems.
  • Swelling of feet may be present due to venous obstruction.
  • Frequency of urination.
  • Dull pain in lower abdomen. The pressure on the surrounding organs may precipitate pain. Pain can be felt during bowel movement.
  • Large cyst can be palpated.
  • Pain in abdomen can get aggravated during physical activities or while playing sports.

Now the symptoms of ruptured ovarian cyst will be easier to understand.

Ovarian Cyst Rupture Symptoms

  • Sudden severe pain in the abdomen.
  • Spotting or unexpected heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Bloating of abdomen.
  • Tenderness of abdomen. This is due to rupture of ovary cyst leading to internal bleeding.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Patient passes frequent urine.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Patient may feel faint and dizzy.
  • Fever.
  • Cold and clammy skin.

Treatment For Ovarian Cyst Rupture

Rupture of ovarian cyst cannot be treated at home. The patient needs immediate and emergency medical help. Rupture of ovarian cyst is dangerous, as the internal bleeding that occurs can lead to shock. It can also cause infection.

In case of rupture of ovarian cyst, the patient needs immediate medical treatment. Without medical treatment, the consequences can be disastrous for the life of patient. The doctor generally accesses the vital signs and symptoms once the patient is brought in emergency ward. Patient is then advised for a sonogram where the rupture will be detected. The doctor may then remove the ovary, cyst and other affected parts surgically.

If one ovary is affected, the woman can still remain fertile and conceive later in life. But if both the ovaries are affected, both have to be removed. This may lead to infertility in a woman.

The patient is given antibiotics pre-operatively and post-operative to prevent bacterial infection. After the operation, the patient is monitored carefully for vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse respiration etc.

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