How to get the Perfect Body Size for Womens with Diet and Exercise

In the quest for the perfect body, women would do anything. Still, it is best to first determine what the goals are. After all, people have different bodies and body shapes so that achieving the “perfect” body may not be feasible.

Perfect Body Measurements for Women

  • The goal here is to know the body measurements that a woman is supposed to have.
  • Well, the classic measurements are 36 – 26 – 36. That means that the bust size (take note, not bra size) is 36 inches, the waist line is 26 inches, and the hips is 36 inches. Still, before the woman takes breast-enhancing medicines and kill herself in workouts to trim the waistline and increase or decrease the bottom, these measurements are not absolute. That means that it only applies to a certain portion of the population, most especially those who are 5’ 8” tall and, yes, a supermodel.
  • That means that although a woman might not have these exact measurements yet she can still have the perfect body.

Perfect Body Size for Women

  • Again, there are no absolutes for the perfect body size.
    Yes, a size 5 or 6 might be what many women would dream of having but only a very small portion of the population has these sizes. Also, the woman’s height is still a factor as she might have a shorter body which might make her have the ideal body size but she might not still have the ideal “perfect” body.
  • Also, it is important to understand that different people will have different body shapes. Unless the woman is willing to spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery, then the so-called perfect body is only but a dream – something that holds true to 95% of all women.

Perfect Body Proportions for Women

  • The perfect body proportion is that of an hourglass. The ratio between waist and hips and waist and bust should ideally be 0.8.
  • That means that even if the woman does not have a 36 – 26 – 36 body, she can still have an hourglass figure. The breasts should only be about 1” larger or smaller than the hips.

How to Get the Perfect Body Women

  • Getting the perfect body is impossible to most women, unless plastic surgery comes into the picture.
  • Still, it can’t hurt to employ exercise and to follow a light diet plan.

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