Home Remedies For Pregnancy Test: Taking Test For Pregnancy At Home

Motherhood is the most exciting stage in a woman’s life as it brings with it a myriad of benefits. Some of it is holding the joy of new life and the ability to see the world through someone else’s life. For this reason a woman is always anxious to know if she is pregnant when she is sexually active.

Home remedy pregnancy tests were tried and tested even two centuries ago, though they were not extremely accurate as compared to modern day home pregnancy test. It was inquisitiveness and persistence of our great grandparents who used old and inaccurate methods of pregnancy test, which made it possible to research and find the modern day home pregnancy test.

Home Remedy For Pregnancy Test

Olden days and modern day home remedy pregnancy test:

Aside from being extremely inaccurate, this home remedies were time consuming and required lot of observance. One such test was performed on female rabbits. And therefore it was known as rabbit test. Here the urine of the women was injected into the vein of the rabbit, if the woman was pregnant; the rabbit would ovulate within two days after the injected urine due to excess of female hormone.

The only way to know this fact was to remove the rabbit’s ovary for which the animal had to be killed.

Few old wives tale which were prevalent in olden days which cannot be relied upon were; if a woman dreams that she is playing with a child or interacting with the child, they thought it to be a sign of pregnancy. Another more inventive way was to swing a crystal over the abdomen of a woman suspected of pregnancy. The woman was considered pregnant if the crystal centered on the umbilicus. All these pregnancy tests were unreliable.

More accurate signs and symptoms that can be relied upon as home remedy for pregnancy test are missed period, morning sickness, weight gain, sense of smell becomes more acute, and the feeling of metallic taste in the mouth all through the day.

Another pregnancy test at home can be performed with dandelion leaves: dry the dandelion leaves on a plastic sheet. Now put morning sample of urine on the leaves, keep the leaves fully saturated for 10 minutes. If the leaves develop red blisters on its surface within one hour, it is assumed that the woman is pregnant.

How To Take A Pregnancy Test At Home?

There is a home pregnancy test which you can observe with changing cervical mucus. The cervical mucus becomes more sticky and thick with a milky look after conception. The discharge increases due to high level of estrogen in the body. For comparing the difference, you should be aware of normal color and consistency of your cervical discharge; this requires you to be more observant.

Of all the above methods, the most accurate method of pregnancy test at home is with a urine pregnancy stick. You can purchase the kit from any medical store; it is simple to use, not so expensive and quick in result, besides you can do it confidentially at your home. All you have to do is pour few drops of first morning urine on the indicated spot on the strip. Observe the result in positive or negative as mentioned on the strip after the said specific time. It is the most reliable pregnancy test at home which is used by women all over the world

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