Yellow Discharge Before Period Causes: Prevention Of Yellow Discharge

Discharge from vagina is normal physiological phenomenon in all women between puberty and menopause. Discharge of mucus before the periods is common occurrence. In fact, the secretion of mucus increases before the ovulation, this secretion is also known as cervical mucus. It is watery and sticky.

On an average there is two teaspoon of vaginal discharge in a day. It consists of mucus and dead cells from the vaginal lining. It is the body’s way to cleanse the debris from the reproductive system and maintain its hygiene.

The normal discharge is thin and clear before the periods; it is just like the white of an egg. When it is exposed to air, it turns slightly yellow. However there are many other pathognomonic reasons for yellow discharge before periods. Let us know the conditions for yellow discharge before the periods.

What Causes Yellow Discharge Before Period?

Causes for yellow discharge before the periods:

  • As discussed earlier yellow discharge before periods can occur as a normal physiological phenomenon. It may be usually light yellow, odor free and stretchy.
  • A condition called bacterial vaginosis when present can also give rise to discharge of yellow and thick mucus before periods. The discharge smells fishy and foul.
  •  A woman suffering from trichomonas Vaginitis, a protozoal infection can also suffer from yellow discharge from the vagina. The disease is characterized by thick yellow to green discharge with severe itching in the vaginal area. There may be associated burning and difficulty while passing urine. When left untreated, the disease can spread upwards to the fallopian tube and can cause infection and inflammation of the tube.
  •  Cervicitis: when the cervix becomes inflamed and irritated, lot of mucus is produced. Yellow discharge occurs when there is associated bacterial infection. The discharge may be thick like pus and smell badly.
  • Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease. A woman suffering from this disease can have yellow discharge from the vagina before the menses. Gonorrhea if left untreated can result into infertility. Burning urination is also characteristic of gonorrhea.
  • Candida Albicans is a type of fungus infection. It is also called thrush. When present in genital region, it can cause severe itching and thick yellow and cottage cheese like discharge from the vagina before menses.

 How To Prevent Yellow Discharge Before Period?

Is yellow discharge before period starts normal?

The question arising in your mind whether yellow discharge before the period starts is normal or abnormal may be clear after reading the above facts. To add further, if the discharge is yellow and thick with foul odor, there is all probability of an infection either a fungal infection or a bacterial infection. The concomitant symptoms such as soreness, burning urination, and itching confirm the infection.

However, a white discharge or slightly yellow mucus discharge which is stringy and odorless, without itching or burning urination is considered to be normal.

So what steps you can take to prevent yellow discharge before the periods start?

The two aspects which are of prime importance in preventing yellow discharge are; to maintain good personal hygiene and protection against sexually transmitted disease by practicing safe sex methods.

  • Even though, body has self mechanism of cleansing vaginal area, maintaining personal hygiene by washing genital area during bathing is good for health.
  • Do not use soaps which have strong chemicals and perfumes to wash the area, as this may destroy the good bacteria present in the vaginal area.
  • Since yogurt contains lactobacilli, which are good bacteria, consuming it liberally will help to retain the healthy vaginal bacterial flora. It is especially effective in Candida and yeast infection.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting trousers and undergarments.

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