Why I Am Feeling Like Bugs Crawling On My Skin And How To Treat It?

The other day my uncle complained of a weird feeling of bugs crawling on his skin. I assured him that it is not a serious matter and with time the sensation will disappear. You may have heard many people complaining of the same crawling sensation on their skin. This crazy feeling can keep a person awake whole night.

Usually there are no associated skin symptoms such as itching, rash or bumps together with the feeling of bugs crawling on the skin. However, if there is a real bug on the skin, it may produce itching, redness and bumps. So why does such a feeling occur? Is it an indication to some impending health issue?

What Causes Feeling Of Bugs Crawling On Skin?

Actually there are several reasons that can give rise to such sensation. They can be medical as well as non medical reasons.

A person who is anxious and stressed may complain of this abnormal sensation on his skin. Relieving stress and anxiety may help him to cope up from this abnormal feeling. However, an expert dermatologist opinion is a must to rule out any obvious medical reason.

Peripheral neuropathy is the most common medical cause for crawling sensation of bugs on skin. It happens when the peripheral nerves are damaged due to reasons such as vitamin B1, B6, B12 deficiency, diabetes mellitus, after a traumatic injury to the nerves, alcoholism, compression of nerves due to an awkward posture, thyroid disorder, post herpetic infection,

People who are addicted to certain drugs such as cocaine have the feeling of bugs crawling on the skin.

In contrast to the above, feeling of crawling may be really associated due to bugs. Bed bugs, Sarcoptes scabi which causes skin condition scabies is associated with crawling feeling. However, the sensation is accompanied with itching, rash and bumps. Besides others who stay along with the person concerned may also have signs of bug bite or scabies.

A psychiatric disorder called parasitosis, where person has delusion of bugs and parasites infestation on his skin.

Feeling Of Bugs Crawling Under Skin Treatment

To deal with condition like feeling of bugs crawling on skin may sometimes be difficult as the symptom in most cases is subjective. There is no clinical sign that can be elucidated. Therefore the treatment mostly is relied on what the patient says. The goal is to find the exact cause to make it easier for treating the condition. The patient may be advised to do some blood tests such as blood sugar test to find if he has diabetes.

  • If you find that the person is overstressed and anxious, he should be advised to practice Yoga and meditation. Both holistic healing forms are useful in relaxing and rejuvenating mind and body.
  • Eat healthy food which contains all the essential nutrients needed by the body. Especially the food that you eat should be packed with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin B12 is present in meat and other non vegetarian food, while other B vitamins are available in fruits and vegetables. A person can also take B complex supplements.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking. If you are addicted to certain drugs than attend counseling sessions to get free from this habit.
  • Body massage helps in improving circulation. It also stimulates the nerves and relieves the abnormal feeling. Massage with prime rose oil is very effective in relieving the sensation.
  • Avoid staying in one posture for a longer time. Instead stretch your legs and hands frequently when you have to stand or sit in one posture for a longer time. A short break and change of position is effective in such situations.

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