Causes and Home Remedies of Hot Urine in Males and Females

Urine is a waste product produced by kidney while filtering blood that passes through it. Urine is made up of water and dissolved salts and waste products. These waste products are substances that body does not need and may become harmful if they get accumulated in the body. The kidneys produce urine constantly which is then sent down to bladder where it gets stored for some time.

Once the bladder is full, urine is voided out of the body through urethra a tiny tube like structure that connects bladder to the urinary meatus. In males the urethra travels through penis and in females it connects to the urinary meatus just above the vagina.

If you put your finger in the flowing urine stream, you will experience that your urine is warm and hot. This is normal because the temperature of urine is same as that of body’s internal core temperature; on an average 98.6 degree F. Hence you may feel urine to be hot when it touches your skin or genital area. Urine may particularly feel warm if your hands or body is cold.

It will remain warm for 4 to 5 minutes outside the body. There are certain occasions when you may feel your urine is hotter than normal as in case of fever or post workout session. Even pregnant woman may feel their urine is hot due to slight rise is body temperature due to faster metabolism during pregnancy.

The above mentioned causes of warm urine are physiological and they do not require further investigation. However, sometimes a person may complain of sensation of hot and burning urine when it passes through the urethra. This burning painful sensation while urinating is pathological and needs further investigation as there are several causes that may give rise to unpleasant hot burning sensation of urine. Along with hot urination, there may be other accompanying symptoms such as fever, cloudy or red colored urine, increased frequency, difficulty while passing urine, swelling of the genitals, and discharge from genitals etc.

Causes of hot urine in males:

Following causes can give sensation of hot and burning urine:

  • Fever: If a patient has fever due to any bodily infection, his internal body temperature becomes high. This means his urine will become hotter.
  • Urinary tract infection: UTI is one of the most common causes for feeling of hot urine. In majority of cases it is because of bacterial infection. Person with UTI has burning hot urine as prominent symptom. Other associated symptoms include intense urge to pass urine, foul smelling urine, increased frequency, fever, vomiting, etc.
  • Sexually transmitted disease (SIT): Sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea and Chlamydia can cause hot urine.
  • Prostatitis: It is inflammation of prostate gland. This commonly develops due to bacterial infection. Patient complains of burning and hot sensation in the urethra while passing urine.
  • Epididymitis: Inflammation of epididymis can cause burning and hot sensation while passing urine through the urethra. It is a tiny tube connecting the testes that carries sperm.

Causes of hot urine in females:

  • Urinary tract infection: Bacterial infection in urinary system, mainly bladder and urethra can cause feeling of hot urine while it flows outside from the body.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases: Gonorrhea and Chlamydia both can cause burning hot urination.
  • Injuries: Injuries is common in female genital tract. Especially after child birth. Small tears and laceration near urethra can cause pain, burning and feeling of hot urine.
  • Vaginal infection such as bacterial vaginosis, yeast infection, can irritate vulva and vagina. When urine comes in contact with the sore area, patient experiences discomforting burning and hot feeling.
  • Post menopause: Due to decrease in certain hormones during post menopausal period, the vaginal tissues become dry and sore. Urine feels hotter when it comes in contact with this vaginal tissue.

Home remedies for hot urine:

Treatment of hot urine depends on the underlying cause. Since there are several diseases and conditions that may be causing feeling of hot urine, it is wise to consult your doctor. In certain cases conventional antibiotics may be beneficial while in some cases only simple home remedies may be worth trying.

  • Drink plenty of fluids if you feel hot and burning urine during its passage from urethra. There may be possibility of urinary tract infection. If it is so, drinking plenty of water helps to flush out the germs from the urinary tract. It also makes the urine less acidic.
  • Drink coconut water at least two times in a day. Coconut water has natural qualities of a diuretic and hence it can help in flushing out bacterial infection in urinary tract. It reduces burning pain while passing urine.
  • Avoid irritants from your diet that further aggravate burning and hot sensation. Avoid spicy food, alcohol, carbonated drinks and too much of caffeinated drinks.
  • Wear loose underwear and cotton clothing that does not hurt.
  • Drink barley water as it is time tested home remedy for urinary tract infection. Drink at least three times in a day a glassful of barley water if you are feeling burning and hot sensation while passing urine.
  • Saw palmetto is an effective herbal remedy that alleviates symptoms of prostatitis.
  • Try yogurt and green tea. Yogurt contains healthy bacteria that are able to fight the germs causing urinary tract infection. Green tea contains catechins, a type of antioxidant that has potential to fight inflammation.