Chicken Pox Diet Treatment | Foods to Cure Chicken Pox Disease

Chicken Pox Diet

The diet of a chicken pox patient should be meticulously chosen in terms of their nutritional value. This is because a person suffering from the disease may also suffer from other ailments like fever and chill. Moreover, diet should also be geared towards strengthening the immune system of the patient for a faster recovery.

Chickenpox is a disease caused by a virus. It does not have any specific treatment or targeted medication. It runs its natural course before it heals. During this period, the body is under extreme stress and works hard to fight the virus. Eating the right diet will provide fuel for the body and its immune system to fight against the virus.

Here is a recommended diet for chicken pox patients:

  • Include fresh fruit juices in the patient’s diet. The juice helps hydrate the body while the nutrients from the fruit will boost the immune system. Most common fruit juices are orange juice and carrot juice.
  • Keep your diet healthy and balanced. Toss in plenty of fresh vegetables and raw fruits in the diet.
    While consuming large quantities of fresh fruits, avoid processed and junk foods, especially those with little or no nutritional value.
  • While affected with the disease, you should avoid eating foods that are difficult to digest. Foods such as fried foods, meat, crackers, bread crumbs and other similarly prepared foods, should be avoided to cure chicken pox.
  • For those who suffer from mouth sores, eat only soft and bland foods so as not to worsen the sores. In the same situation, avoid spicy foods that may cause irritation.

Chickenpox Foods

To heal chickenpox scars, healthy intake of Vitamin A and C and bioflavonoid is essential. These vitamins help in strengthening the immune system. Include zinc in your diet to stimulate immune power. Take magnesium and calcium supplements. Recommended juices for the chickenpox patient can be prepared using raw fruits and vegetables. Lemon juice is the most beneficial as it brings down the body temperature. If chickenpox sores are seen in the mouth, then foods which are soft and bland should be consumed. Spicy, acidic foods must be avoided.
Following are the foods that can be consumed when you are suffering from chickenpox:

  1. Foods rich in water: They are useful as they keep your body well hydrated. Besides, they are easy to digest. Fruits such as oranges, watermelon, kiwi, banana and peaches accelerate the healing process of the damaged skin tissue after the disease heals.
  2. Cold food: When you are suffering from chickenpox, cold foods are soothing. They relieve the discomfort in the throat. Cold yogurt, ice cream, applesauce (right from the refrigerator) or Popsicle is comforting for your throat. Cold fresh fruit juice, ice tea or cold water, all help relieve mouth irritation.
  3. Soft Foods: Eat mashed potatoes, gelatin, broths and soups. Mashed rice with buttermilk or yogurt is beneficial as it is nutritious as well as fills the stomach.
  4. Vegetables: Cabbage, carrots, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, wheat grass, sprout, tomatoes, sprouts are recommended during chicken pox. Spinach contains enough zinc required for the body.

All the above foods contain vitamins and minerals that boost the energy level of the body, cleanse the toxins and improve the immune system to treat chickenpox fast and effectively.

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