Mottled Skin in Infants and Babies: Causes and Treatment

There is no cause for alarm if a mother gives birth to a newborn that shows evidence of mottled skin. Mottling of skin is just development of uneven patches on skin. There are many natural causes for mottling of the skin in infants and young children. Most cases disappear on

Pain in Thigh When Sitting, Standing Up or Walking: Causes & Treatment

Thigh pain occurs when nerves that supply the thigh, get compressed or impinged. The leg a nerve called the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve; when this nerve gets pressed, it generates thigh pain.

Causes of Pain in Thigh When Walking or Sitting

  • Lipoma: triggers pain occasionally. Treatment includes surgical excision, but

Lumps on Back of Tongue: Causes and Treatment for White and Red Lumps

Sore tongue, including small lumps that appear out of nowhere, may be due to allergic reactions, herpes virus and initial phase of syphilis, bacterial infection, canker sores, or tuberculosis.

White Bumps on Back of Tongue Causes

  • Trauma / injury: biting the tongue / scalding causes bumps, until the damage heals.

Easy Bruising On Arms, Fingers and Legs: Causes and Treatment

Unexplained bruising, rashes that resemble broken blood vessels, frequent nose bleeds, frequent bleeding of the gums and excessive bleeding even after a minor cut, are the chief symptoms of easy bruising.

Easy Bruising On Arms Causes

  • Natural supplements like fish oil capsules, in excess, causes easy bruising.
  • Garlic, ginger, and